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Did you know that we have the solution for colon cancer in Plano, TX? The key is to get screened for colon cancer by following the suggested guidelines from the American Gastroenterological Association, which recommends getting your initial screening at age 50. I created the video on the left to help provide some further insight into how the colonoscopy is performed and hopefully distill some of the apprehension towards this preventative procedure. Colonoscopy is considered to be the gold standard for screening for colon cancer since your doctor can find and remove pre-cancerous polyps during this screening procedure.

It's important to note that Colonoscopy is a painless procedure and easy to prepare for. 

Dr. Arshad Malik offers open access colonoscopy to qualifying patients, which provides the opportunity to save the expense and time of an office visit. Hopefully this will encourage more people in Plano, TX to get screened for colon cancer.


Gastroenterology Services Plano, TX

Patients typically see a gastroenterologist regarding symptoms such as abdominal pain, ulcers, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids, heartburn, bloating and constipation. While this is not a complete list, as a gastroenterologist, Dr. Malik can diagnose and treat any issue related to your digestive system. Sometimes these symptoms can be uncomfortable or even a little embarrassing to discuss.  Dr. Malik and his professional staff deal with these issues on a daily basis, so don’t let any apprehension prevent you from seeing a gastroenterologist and start the process of getting you feeling better.

To learn more about the most common digestive symptoms, the risks involved, available treatments and when it is important to see a doctor in Plano, TX please view the GI Symptoms page.

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“Dr. Malik is great! Also, the facility and staff at Preston Crossing in Plano were awesome as well - the procedure I had went perfect! I have already referred Dr. Malik to several others / friends!”

“Dr. Malik and his staff are awesome! I easily and quickly got an appointment. Dr. Malik is very thorough, explains process, and is very personable. I highly recommend him and his staff!”