GI Procedures - Colonoscopy Plano TX | Arshad Malik, MD

In order to treat conditions affecting the gastrointestinal (GI) system and formulate a treatment plan, Dr. Arshad Malik must first determine the reason for the condition and establish a diagnosis. Talking to the patient and taking a history, performing a physical exam and ordering the appropriate tests are all part of this process.

Dr. Arshad Malik primarily uses three different gastrointestinal procedures to gather the information needed to recommend treatment for his patients, including colonoscopy, EGD and capsule endoscopy. He is also proficient at performing in office hemorrhoid banding for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Once all the information is collected and reviewed, Dr. Malik will determine the best treatment plan, in discussion with the patient keeping in mind their thoughts and preferences.

In addition to being diagnostic, EGD, colonoscopy and hemorrhoid banding are also therapeutic procedures that allow treatment of conditions such as swallowing problems, colon polyps, and hemorrhoids.

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