GI Conditions - When to see a Doctor | Arshad Malik, MD

The National Institute of Health describes digestive conditions as any health problem that occurs in the digestive tract.  The digestive tract is composed of the esophagus, stomach, both large and small intestines, liver, pancreas and the gallbladder.  Digestive conditions can range from mild to severe.  However, it’s important to note that each one is treatable if diagnosed early enough by a gastroenterologist.

Arshad Malik, MD, FACG specializes in making diagnoses and digestive conditions, which affect the digestive tract like colon cancer.  On the right side of this page, you will find links to some of the most common digestive conditions.  On each page, Dr. Malik has described some of the symptoms, risk factors, procedures and treatments related to each of these digestive conditions.  For more information regarding any of these digestive conditions or other symptoms, contact Dr. Malik's office to schedule a consultation at 972-867-0019 or request an appointment online.

The most common GI conditions that Dr. Malik treats are: